Launch of the Healthcare Leadership Academy (HLA)

As part of efforts to plug the leadership and management gaps in Nigeria’s health sector, the Private Sector Health Alliance of Nigeria (PHN), Health Strategy and Delivery Foundation (HSDF), alongside Cambridge University, Duke University, Lagos Business School, Institute for Health care Improvement (IHI), and EpiAFRIC, launched the Health care Leadership Academy (HLA) which aims to develop the next generation of health care leaders that will excel in governance, management and quality health care service provision.

psh-1-600x400Speaking to the first cohort of selected participants during the launch of the Healthcare Leadership Academy, Muhammad Ali Pate, co-chair, Private Sector Health Alliance of Nigeria said, there is leadership and management deficit at different levels of the health care system that impede the delivery of expected quality care. This developmental gap, Dr. Pate explained, is made evident by the low productivity and skill set of health care workers and the poor financial health of the institutions they manage.

The Health care Leadership Academy recognises these challenges and is established to respond to them using an innovative approach, Dr. Pate stated. Muntaqa Umar-sadiq, CEO, Private Sector Health Alliance, disclosed that the Health care Leadership Academy is a public-private collaboration designed to institutionalize leadership as well as private sector business and financial management approaches in the public health system. The HLA is an important step in developing synergies between the capabilities of the private sector and the severe gaps in the leadership and managerial capacity of public health care institutional leaders. He added that the HLA is a bold innovation that pooled non-traditional but complimentary partnerships to build health worker and policy maker capacity and disrupt the poor health system performance.

The Private Sector Health Alliance of Nigeria and Health Strategy and Delivery Foundation brokered and convened partners and institutions to develop the Healthcare Leadership Academy to incorporate leadership, quality improvement and private sector business management pproaches in the provision of quality care and governance of institutions.


Dr. Kelechi Ohiri, CEO, Health Strategy and Delivery Foundation, described the balanced scorecard approach of the program that would deliver world class content and ensure capabilities are built across four critical areas namely, Financial Management; Leadership and Organizational Development; Quality Improvement; and Population Health with the content adapted to the local context and a field and forum approach that combines in-class didactic curricula with real life, hands-on projects that are relevant to their respective organisations.

The course is being delivered by global experts from Cambridge University Judge Business School, institute for Health improvement and Duke University alongside Lagos business School and EpiAfric. Mrs. Shola David-Borha, CEO, Stanbic IBTC Bank and board member, Private Sector Health Alliance of Nigeria, while formally inaugurating the first class of the HLA, called on other private sector companies to join the platform provided by the Private Sector Health Alliance to offer their capabilities and resources to complement governments effort in dramatically improving health outcomes through innovation and partnerships.

phn3Director, Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education, Ms. Afua Osie, stated that given the commitment and partnership that catalysed the emergence of the HLA, it has the potential to be the premier institution for building leadership capabilities in the African health sector.

Source: Bella Naija

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