Nutrition RUTF Market Shaping Private Sector Engagement

Ready to Use Therapeutic Foods (RUTF), has revolutionised the treatment of severe malnutrition, however, in spit of the demand, there is currently no manufacturing capacity for this life saving commodity in Nigeria.

As a result, tens of millions of dollars is spent in Nigeria every year procuring RUTF from countries such as Niger, USA and France.

To address this, the Private Sector Health Alliance is undertaking a series of market shaping and capability building engagements; mobilizing private sector companies involved in the production value chain as well as public sector agencies such as NAFDAC, NPHCDA, Ministry of Agriculture and donor partners to kick off the country's first ever Nutrition RUTF Market Shaping Private Sector engagement with potential local producers of RUTF.
The goal is to build the capacity and prime the private sector to ensure that by 2015/2016 Nigeria is more advanced in its quest to have at least 2 RUTF local producers that meets WHO/NAFDAC quality standards.
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