Pharmaceutical Warehousing Standards: Private Sector Best Practices by The Multimix Group


Members of the Project Management Unit for the Warehouse Visibility and Governance Initiative, Multimix Academy & Warehouse Manager, MDS Logistics at the MDS warehouse

Capacity building on warehousing best practices was a key request from the Project Management Unit (PMU) of the Warehouse Visibility and Governance Project (follow on Twitter @WarehouseVisib1), an initiative being spearheaded by the Honorable Minister of Health, Prof. Isaac Adewole. The initiative seeks to ensure standardization of all State medical warehouses in line with international best practices.

In the month of August, yet another ARC Gold member – Multimix Group, facilitated a 1-day training for the PMU team on Pharmaceutical Warehousing Standards as a fulfillment of their commitment to strengthen public health supply chain systems. Multimix group is a renowned private sector firm with an arm – Multimix Academy, which serves an integrated Capacity Building and Consulting firm that provides exceptional high-quality international business and logistics and supply chain education and intervention.

Topics covered during the training include

  1. The role of warehousing in pharma supply chain
  2. Pharmaceutical warehouse layout – Storage and handling practices
  3. Warehouse standards. The high point of the training was the site visit to a private-sector managed Pharmaceutical Warehouse in Abuja by the team. 


The MDS Nigeria Warehouse in Abuja is one of the most prominent pharma grade warehouses in the State. A tour around the facility was facilitated by the operations manager of the Warehouse gave the participants an opportunity to see firsthand the standard pharma warehousing systems, procedures and processes.

The CEO of Multimix Group, Dr. Madu who facilitated the training sessions and site visit, emphasized the importance of the public health sector leveraging on innovative and tech-based mechanisms to address the prevalent opacity within the
nation’s supply chain of health commodities. He stated that the public health sector will need to introduce and embed ICT into its supply chain for the attainment of holistic visibility which will significantly improve the accuracy of health data analysis and stimulate effective decision making.

Dr Madu Warehouse training

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