PSHN Graduates First Cohort of Health Innovators

As part of its efforts to save millions of lives from preventable diseases, the Private Sector Health Alliance of Nigeria (PSHN) has graduated the first cohort of the Health Innovation Development Accelerator Programme (HiDAP) who have distinguished themselves in the health innovative marketplace in saving the lives of millions of Nigerians theough healthcare innovation.
Speaking at the graduation ceremony, the Chief Executive Officer, PSHAN, Dr. Muntaqa Umar Sadiq said the program was to make sure one million lives who were supposed to be lost in the country yearly to diseases were saved.
He said although healthcare innovations exist within the country, poor capacity/support system for innovators have been one of the constraints to achieving scale.
“This is why in 2015, PSHN through the innovation marketplace, conducted the first ever in-country health innovation challenge to identify, reward and support promising innovations addressing key challenges in the health sector –specifically focus on saving the lives of mothers and children in Nigeria.
“The team identified over 300 applications in its initial assessment stage of which 42 were selected to go through a design thinking and business development boot camp to strengthen the innovator’s capabilities.
“11 innovators were selected as finalists, of which nine winners emerged receiving grants ranging from $20,000 to $100,000.”
He said he was glad that the program has in one year saved one million lives, adding that the program will continue to help in reducing the number of preventable deaths in the country.
On his part, the Co-Chairman, PSHA, Mr. Jim Ovia, said with the incidence rate from diseases, the program was timely, as it has disrupted the over one million deaths from preventable disease in the country.
“I applaud the innovators who have gone through the health innovation development accelerator program, for their passion and effort thus far. The Private Sector Health Alliance is proud and honoured to be part of your journey. Through the accelerator program, we believe you have been set on a great path to pushing your innovations forward as you strive to improve health outcomes and save lives.
“To partners and friends of the Alliance present today – fellow private sector organizations, development partners, and others; we call on you to join this movement to see that promising healthcare innovations are primed and supported to achieve market readiness, scale and ultimately contribute immensely to saving one million lives,” he added.

Source: Thisday Live

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