The private sector offers a huge potential to accelerate progress towards attaining the health MDGs. The Private Sector Health Alliance represents a theory of change anchored on four levers.
Significant reach of the private sector
  • Vibrant and fast growing private corporate sector in Nigeria, that has the capacity, influence, resources and capabilities the health system could benefit from (e.g. technology, infrastructure, supply chain, marketinig etc)
  • Private health sector has broad reach, serves all income levels (including poor and vulnerable segments) and accounts for at least 60% of the health care service provision
Unrealized synergies
  • Limited coordination and fragmentation of private sector participation and contributions to health lead to unrealized synergies and optimal impact
Limited innovation in health
  • Limited application of innovation and technology in healthcare delivery has led to missed opportunities in revolutionising healthcare delivery in Nigeria
Appetite for innovation iin private sector
  • Significant potential for innovation and technological advances in the private sector as private sector is more flexible and embracing of innovation
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